paint brushes and colors"Art has been my passion since childhood. I always dreamt of having my own set up to pursue art in whatever form or medium that my heart desired. Painting is the ultimate joie de vivre (joy of living) for me. Nothing made me happier than applying colours on canvas.I come from a small town Dibrugarh in Assam. My early memories of association with art as a little girl is that of rushing to Shilpangyan to Shivani ma'am on weekends to learn whatever i could from her.Over the years other priorities took over.But my desire to paint also stayed on making me grab every oppurtunity I could to learn anything new.The idea of 'Joie de vivre' was born out of my desire for a personal workplace to pursue my interests. I give credit to the overwhelming support, encouragement and appreciation received for my work from friends, relatives and patrons of art as a result of which my passion became my profession.Through self learning I am now running an art gallery which is a stand out in the city." - Rita Chhawchharia.

Joie de vivre has earned its reputation by being able to convert its clients' dream into a beautiful piece of art. Our clients walk in with an idea, a dream and walk out with a piece of art depicting their dream.

Joie de vivre's speciality are Tanjore Paintings and Mixed Media which includes oil painting, acrylic painting, clay modelling, stain glass, etc.

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Rita Chhawcharia's paintings